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Testimonials from my colleagues



"Dr. Babineaux is an indispensible resource! Her technical skills with ultrasound are outstanding but I most value her interpretation of the ultrasound findings. She is always generous with her time and willingness to carefully consider difficult cases. Dr. Babineaux is always professional and pleasant - I look forward to our interactions!"

Monica L. Shepherd, DVM, PhD

"I worked with Dr. Babineaux for 6 years at two hospitals.   She is an astute diagnostician and internist.  We worked together on numerous sick cases. Dr. Babineaux is efficient and accurate with her ultrasound skills and always generous with her advice."


Shian Simms, DVM

Vice President of Veterinary Medicine





"I would like to recommend Dr. Jennifer Babineaux to you without reservation. I have worked alongside Dr. Babineaux at VCA San Francisco Veterinary Specialists, a 24 hour, 7 day per week referral practice, and have been extremely impressed by her outstanding clinical acumen, patient care and compassion.  Her communication skills are exemplary and she is easily able to relay complex information.  All of her clients adore her.


In addition to her comprehensive grasp of internal medicine,  Jennifer is a very skilled ultrasonographer.  Jennifer  performed all of my echocardiograms on the days that we worked together.  I have absolute confidence in Jennifer’s ability to accurately identify both cardiac and abdominal ultrasonographic abnormalities and in her ability to obtain tissue samples needed to better define the clinical picture.  Her experience in managing difficult internal medicine cases will help immensely in assisting her referring veterinarians formulate a viable treatment plan following the ultrasound evaluation.


I loved working with Jennifer and we often discussed our interesting and complicated cases.  Jennifer has outstanding clinical judgement and I always felt free and uninhibited about asking her opinion.  I would absolutely trust her with the care of my patients."


Sincerely yours,


Diana Bowen, DVM, MS, DACVIM (Small Animall)

"I have had the good fortune to work with Dr. Babineaux at East Bay Vet Specialists and SF Vet Specialists and have always been impressed with the attention to detail and the high quality medical care she provides to her patients."

Stephen Atwater, DVM, MS; Diplomate ACVIM (Oncology)

"I had the pleasure of working closely with Dr. Babineaux at SF SPCA. Foremost I noticed her compassion and care to animals as well as her clients. I was always impressed with her thoroughness, knowledge and skills.  Her specialty education and excellent communication skills will provide you with the best service and care for your animal. As a veterinary behaviorist and welfare specialist,  I especially appreciate that Dr. Babineaux cares about her patients physical and psychological welfare."


Jeannine Berger, DVM, DACVB, DACAW, CAWA

"I have worked with Dr. Babineaux for several years, first in a multi doctor specialty referral practice and then in the largest general practice and emergency hospital in San Francisco. I found her internal medicine expertise and her ultrasound skills invaluable in my workup of emergency and internal medicine patients. One of the great things about her doing ultrasounds for me was the fact she was immediately able put her findings into a clinical context and was therefore able to advise me in the further care for my patients.

She alerted me to possible differential diagnoses that sometimes were not even on my radar. Above all, the compassionate care she provided for my patients and the ability to be creative and flexible when developing treatment plans that met the needs of both the patients and their caregivers made her stand out among the internal medicine specialists I have worked with."


Roger Helmers, DVM


"I have known and worked with Dr. Jennifer Babineaux for several years, in my previous capacity as Director of Veterinary Services at the San Francisco SPCA Hospital. From the moment she arrived on scene, her unflagging interest and abilities in the combined fields of Internal Medicine and Ultrasonography permitted our organization to function at a vastly more elevated and sophisticated level than previously possible.


During her tenure with us, her skills continued to increase until the services of a Board Certified Radiologist were no longer needed for ultrasound interpretation. Her extensive knowledge of Internal Medicine and overall skill in the field of clinical ultrasonography is a rare and valuable combination. When you throw in her unparalleled client service dedication, the result is a one-person, diagnostic team. I heartedly recommend the services of Dr. Babineaux for any clinical setting."

John P Aldridge DVM

"I worked with Dr. Babineaux at San Francisco Veterinary Specialists where we shared many cases together.  I felt confident in her diagnostic abilities and assessment of cases,  whether they should be managed surgically or medically. She brought a collaborative and friendly approach to her cases- I strongly recommend her."


Margo Mehl, DVM, DACVS

"Dr. Babineaux was an invaluable asset to me at San Francisco Veterinary Specialists. She assisted me with medical case work-up and performed and interpreted ultrasounds for my patients. Her collaborative approach to cases was beneficial for not only the patient and client, but the referring veterinarians as well. As an ABVP Diplomate in Feline Medicine, she demonstrated attentiveness to the special needs of her feline patients and made their experiences as low-stress as possible. I fervently recommend her Internal Medicine and ultrasonographic skills."

Alice Bugman, DVM
Small Animal Surgery Resident

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