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Requesting Outpatient Ultrasound

  • Please have your client call Jacksonville Vet Hospital at (541) 899-1081 to schedule an appointment.  A deposit will be taken when the client schedules the appointment. 

  • Please email an ultrasound referral form, recent lab work and pertinent medical history to with “Outpatient Ultrasound” in the subject line. Patients that do not have paperwork submitted by the day before their appointment may be asked to reschedule.


  • Please ask clients to withhold food for 8-12 hours before ultrasound (water is fine)


  • Most pets can have an ultrasound performed without sedation, but particularly painful or frightened animals may require sedation for improved imaging. 

  • Please do not refer animals in respiratory distress or that require medical stabilization.

  • "Shunt hunts" or parathyroid gland abnormalities should be referred for CT evaluation.

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